HFABs Mollie PH .38 will be bred to HFABs Ruben PH .56 on her next heat. This breeding brings Mufassa PH, Matrix PH, Tyson OFA Good, Bruiser Bo, Rufus PH, and Tre PH into one pedigree. Mollie has produced very well the only other time she was bred. Check out our produced page to see the pups out of her and Matrix. She was given two heats off and we are now very excited to see what will happen this time.

Ruben was bred to our female Zoe last year with phenominal results. Check our produced page to see the pups out of Ruben and Zoe. Taking Mollie (Zoes daughter) to Ruben was a given. The only difference between this pedigree and the Zoe x Ruben pups will be the addition of our boy OSBs Tre. Tre is 25 inches 110 pounds and is PH .34 Tre is a Rufus son making Mollie a Rufus grandaughter. Ruben is a Dolly grandson (Rufus' sister)

We are excited about this breeding and looking forward to seeing the results.

Third pick male and female are available at this time. 707-923-7845



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