HFABs is lovingly owned and run by myself Joel Cheney and my wife Marina Cheney. When we first started to really research the breed I fell in love with dogs like Manstoppers Ironman Tyson of MGK, Barbosas Bulldozer Bo, Manstoppers Rufus, and KMK's Mufassa. It is no secret that these are the type of dogs we want to own, produce, and possibly even improve upon. We like a real athletic and sound dog. A dog with its legs neatly tucked under its body. Not elbowed out or cow hocked. Conformation is a big deal to us, but we understand that there is more to each dog than just a pretty head, good conformation, and sound hips. The dog must be sound mentally also. It should be able to handle reasonable amounts of stress. American Bulldogs are NOT the perfect companion for everyone. But for those willing to work with them and know what to expect from them they can be the perfect fit. If you think we might put a pup in your care and we have something you are interested in, please contact us. If you just want to talk Bulldogs feel free to call or email I am always game.
Joel and Marina Cheney



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